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The Tucson Ham Radio group supports the members of the Oro Valley Amateur Radio Club (OVARC) in Tucson, Arizona.

OVARC exists to promote and advance the art, science and enjoyment of Amateur Radio.  The club encourages its members to take an active part in providing service to the community in the form of emergency communications during natural and man-made disasters.  By providing communications at community events such as 24 Hours of the Old Pueblo bike race, and El Tour de Tucson, and by participating in club sponsored operating events like Field Day, OVARC provides its members with opportunities to enhance their operating skills and understanding of emergency procedures.

New ham training allows additional members of the community to become involved in emergency communications and technology discussions at regular club meetings, which helps hams become better equipped to operate during emergency situations.  See here for a list of past meetings and activities.

OVARC has partnered with the Oro Valley Citizen Corp Council and Oro Valley Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), both sponsored by the Oro Valley Police Department, to ensure consistent communications with other groups involved in community emergency communications events.

OVARC is an affiliate of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) and is an ARRL Special Service Club.

If you are interested in joining OVARC, go here.

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